Attractions of the Region

The Aparados da Serra region is considered rustic and at the same time beautiful. Cambará do Sul in particular, stands out for possessing much of these natural beauties.


A região dos Aparados da Serra é considerada rústica e ao mesmo tempo bela. Cambará do Sul em especial, se destaca por possuir grande parte destas belezas naturais.

Canyon Fortaleza

The region of Aparados da Serra is considered rustic and at the same time beautiful. Cambará do Sul in particular, stands out for having a large part of these natural beauties.

The Fortaleza Canyon is the main attraction of the Serra Geral National Park. Created in 1992, the Park has 17.5 km2. The access is made by ground road which is a continuation of the main avenue of Cambará do Sul, Av. Getúlio Vargas.

The Fortaleza is 7.5 km long and, in some places, it is up to 900 meters high. The name is due to the shape of its geological structure resembling a fortress.

In the Fortaleza Canyon it is possible to perform three tracks. They are: Look out of Fortaleza (3.2 km); Black Tiger Waterfall (2 km;); Stone of the Secret (2.7 km).

Black Tiger Waterfall and Stone of the Secret

Beautiful Waterfall located within the National Park of Serra Geral. The walk to it is made by beautiful fields and capons and to see the 3 waterfalls one must first cross the river over the rocks.

In addition to the waterfall it is possible to see 10% of the Fortaleza canyon.

It is located inside Serra Geral National Park. The stone draws attention to its geological characteristics. It is formed by a monolithic block of five meters of height and of approximately 30 tons.

But what really charms visitors is the fact that this great stone is balanced on a base of only fifty centimeters.

Itaimbezinho Canyon

Itaimbezinho Cânion It is the most famous canyon and also one of the most beautiful. Its walls measure 5.8 km in length, 720 meters deep and 600 meters wide. Itaimbezinho is located in the Aparados da Serra National Park. In Fortaleza Canyon it is possible to realize the trail of the Vertice, the trail of the Elbow and the trail of the River of the Ox.

Uncle France's Waterfall

And the natural tourist attraction closest to the city. It is located approximately 3.5 km from the city.

The waterfall is on private property with easy acess.

Besides the waterfall it is possible to walk through slabs of crystal clear water and abundant nature.

Venâncios Waterfall

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. It is 23 km from the city center, at Fazenda Cachoeira, border between the municipalities of Cambará do Sul and Jaquirana. It has four waterfalls which provides relaxing massages. Its waters are crystalline and formed by Rio Camisas.

In the place there are grills and tables available for tourists who want to spend the day.